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Operations Excellence Certificate

Gainful Employment Disclosure: Operations Excellence

The WCOMC’s Electrical certificate provides technical training in one of the most in-demand fields of manufacturing. Students receive hands-on lessons in networks, instruments and AC and DC circuits. Students learn about circuit construction , circuit analysis and electrical measurement. This certificate also covers network analysis and resistive, capacitive and inductive loads. Students are introduced to computer-based number systems and logic ciricuits. State-of-the-art measuring and diagnostic equipment are used in courses in this certificate.

Operations excellence is a growing field as students of the program will have the ability to get jobs not only in manufacturing, but in healthcare, education, services, banking/finance, government, agriculture, and beyond. Culture is a major part of every industry and organization. Operations excellence takes on the culture to transform behaviors created in the industrial age to principle centered behaviors in a new knowledge worker age. This program will teach and mentor the student on how to implement such changes that have a profound performance impact on industries and organizations.