Division of Business Technology and Public Service

The Business and Public Service programs of the Division of Business, Technology & Public Service prepare you for a wide-variety of interesting careers in the profit, nonprofit and public service sectors of the economy. Well-trained professionals are in demand in our global economy. You’ll graduate from Rhodes equipped with technical knowledge and social, communication and critical thinking skills that are essential for success in today’s workplace. The Business and Public Service programs also provide distance education options, making it more convenient for individuals to pursue further education while maintaining their work and family obligations.

In addition to the majors offered, 20 certificates are also available.  Call or see program Chairs for details.   

Business, Technology & Public Service Programs Available

Associate Degree Programs


The Information Technology (IT)/Engineering Technology (ET) programs available in the Division of Business, Technology & Public Service provide the background for entry into the modern industrial and informational age. Both manufacturing and computerized processes are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Engineering Technology technicians, however, are prepared to work in all areas of production from research and design to manufacturing, sales, customer service application and service. Information Technology technicians are skilled in areas of computer networking, programming, network security and digital media design. Office Administration graduates are prepared to serve as administrative support personnel and office managers.