Medical Assisting

Medical Assistants are allied health professionals who assist physicians and nurse practitioners in their offices or other ambulatory care settings, including clinics and hospitals. Administrative duties include scheduling and receiving patients, managing health information, routing phone calls and correspondence, serving as a liaison between the physician and other individuals, and managing practice finances.  Clinical duties include asepsis and infection control, obtaining and documenting patient histories and vital signs, performing first aid and CPR, preparing patients for procedures, assisting the physician with examinations and treatments, collecting and processing specimens, performing selected diagnostic tests, and preparing and administering medications as directed by the physician.  Both administrative and clinical duties involve maintenance of equipment and supplies for the practice. A medical assistant who is sufficiently qualified by education and/or experience may be responsible for supervising personnel, developing and conducting public outreach programs to market the physician’s professional services, and participating in the negotiation of leases and of equipment and supply services.of equipment and supply services.

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