Counseling Services

Attending College can be one of the best times in a person’s life. It is often a time of meeting new friends, having new experiences, and discovering a new sense of freedom. For many though, this time is also met with a variety of new stresses and problems.
Rhodes State provides Counseling Services to any student who needs help understanding the problems they are facing. Students work with a counselor to learn new ways to cope or make positive life changes.  College students who take the time to speak with a professional counselor are often able to resolve their personal problems and feel better faster than if dealing with the problems by themselves.

Common Problems that Students often bring to a Counselor include:

  • Feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Adjusting to new responsibilities
  • Managing time and/or procrastinating
  • Lacking motivation
  • Making decisions
  • Relating with family, friends, and/or significant others
  • Test taking anxiety
  • Feelings of sadness, loneliness, or depression
  • Eating, drinking, or drug use behaviors that are of concern
  • Coping with an illness
  • Expressing anger appropriately

The Counselor
Kendra Bermosk, MA, LPCC, is a licensed Professional Counselor through the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage & Family Therapy Board. She received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary and her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Bluffton University.  If you are in need of immediate assistance and cannot connect with the counselor, please call the We Care Crisis Center at 1-800-567-HOPE (4673) or 9-1-1.  

Making a Referral
Making a referral to the Rhodes State Counseling Service is an easy process. If you notice that a student is depressed, unable to manage his or her emotions, appears to be in an abusive relationship, having problems with alcohol, drugs or eating, or dealing with other issues that are interfering with academic success, approach the student and encourage them to seek services without telling or ordering them to do so.  If you would like consultation on how to approach a student, contact the Counseling Services office. If you would like to make a referral please fill out the Counseling Services Referral Form and email it to  If you assess that the student is in crisis, assist them in dialing the appropriate services for help.

Students/Family Members
Making a referral to the Rhodes State Counseling Service is an easy process. If you have a friend or child currently enrolled at Rhodes State College who appears to be more depressed, unable to manage emotions, in an abusive relationship, having problems with alcohol, drugs, eating or struggling with balancing life, school, work or a combination of these things please talk to them about making an appointment with the Rhodes State Counseling Services. They may schedule an appointment by calling 419-995-8133 or emailing  If your friend or child is in crisis, please assist them in getting the help they need by calling the We Care Crisis Center at 1-800-567-HOPE (4673) or dialing 9-1-1. 

 Making an Appointment
To schedule an appointment, please contact Kendra Bermosk, LPCC at 419-995-8133.

We Can Help

The licensed professionals of Rhodes State Counseling Services provide free, confidential personal counseling for all students who are currently enrolled in a program at Rhodes State College. If students are in the CCP program and under the age of 18 they will need signed parental consent in order to be seen by counselor. Students are able to conveniently receive services while on campus. 
Our staff understands the issues that many college students experience first-hand. Whether it is adjusting to the….

  •  New stressors of the college classroom
  • Troubles maintaining healthy relationships
  • Difficulty dealing with emotions of anxiety, depression, anger, etc.
  • Balancing life and school
  • Test anxiety, time management, goals….we are here for you!

Rhodes State counseling staff is trained in helping individuals learn to cope with the personal problems that interfere with successful personal or academic performance.  Counseling services are provided on a voluntary basis and no referral is needed.  All information shared by the student is kept confidential and will not be disclosed without the student’s permission.  Receiving counseling will NOT appear on the student’s academic record.