Notice of Holiday Break:

Rhodes State is closed 12/25/14 - 1/1/15 for the holidays. Students can register for classes or make payments with Stars Online or apply from Admissions webpage.

Contact Us

Cindy Buckland, Staff Accountant
Student Payroll, Accounting, Budget
Phone: 419-995-8801
Office: PS 233

Barb Johnson, Accounts Payable
Employee reimbursements, Vendor Payments, Purchase Orders
Phone: 419-995-8438
Office: PS 229

Kari German, Staff Accountant
Student Payroll, Foundation Accounting, Budget
Phone: 419-995-8314
Office: PS 230

Connie Schnipke, Accounts Receivable Clerk
Financial Aid Refunds, Fee Refunds, Collections, Student Fees, Student Billing Statements, Direct Deposit Application Maintenance, War Orphans Eligibility, Third Party Billings
Phone: 419-995-8088
Fax 419-995-8610
Office: PS 222C