Capstone Courses

Division of Allied Health

Dental Hygiene DHY-2540 Dental Hygiene Capstone Course
Emergency Medical EMS-2260 EMS Capstone Course
Medical Assisting MAT-2510 Medical Assisting Practicum
Occupational Therapy Assistant OTA-2200 Seminar and Capstone for OTA
Physical Therapist Assistant PTA-2230 Capstone Course
Radiographic Imaging RAD-2490 Selected Topics in Radiography
Respiratory Care RES-2510 Respiratory Care Capstone

Division of Arts & Sciences

Associate of Arts COM-2820 AA Capstone
Associate of Science BIO-2820 AS Capstone

Division of Business and Public Services

Accounting ACC-2401 Special Studies in Accounting
Law Enforcement LAW-2530 Patrol Administration
Corrections COR-2150 Corrections Capstone, DE
Early Childhood Education EDU-2991 Practicum
Human Services HUM-2520 Practicum II
Business Administration MGT-2490 Applications in Business Administration, DE
Business Management MGT-2900 Applications and Trends in Business Management, DE
Marketing MKT-2520 Special Studies in Marketing, DE
Human Resources MGT-2530 Applications in Human Resource
Paralegal/Legal Assisting LEG-2000 Civil Procedure

Division of Nursing

Registered Nursing NSG-2525 Essentials of Nurse Practice

Division of Information Technology/Engineering Technology

Information Technology

WebProgramming/Computer Programming CPT-2400 Special Studies in Information Technology
Digital Media CPT-2900 Advanced Digital Media Studies
Network Security CPT-2965 Appl of Network Security
Executive Administrative Assistant AOT-2980 Externship (online)
Medical Administrative AOT-2980 Externship (online)

Civil Engineering

Concrete Technology CET-2540 Concrete Design Capstone
Environmental, Health & Safety ENV-2970 EHS Capstone Project

Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering Technology EET-2530 EET Capstone
Operations Excellence Technology OET-2980 Capstone

Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering Technology MET-2970 MET Dept Capstone
Design Engineering Technology MET-2970 MET Dept Capstone
Mechanical Engineering Technology MET-2970 MET Dept Capstone