One-Night-a-Week Program

One-Night-a-Week Business Administration

The One-Night-a-Week Program allows working adult students to stay on the leading edge of the job market and helps them complete a Business Administration Associates degree beneficial to career advancement. The degree builds students’ skills to become more effective employees, supervisors, managers and leaders. Working adult students pursuing the Business Administration degree develop competencies in management, marketing, interpersonal relations and team building, financial management, information systems, human resources and other areas. The program utilizes experienced faculty and instructors with extensive workplace experience in all facets of management and marketing.

Students pursuing the One-Night-a-Week Program begin with a group, or cohort, of peers and graduate within 24 months. Classes meet only one night a week for a four-hour session making it easier for working adults to balance school, work and family responsibilities. The course sequence flows seamlessly and often focuses on one course at a time. This degree option has special admissions criteria.

For more information, email Cara or call 419-995-8323.

One-Night-a-Week Video